MSG Imagery Products

Airmass RGB Images:
The Airmass RGB is composed from data from a combination of the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI) WV6.2, WV7.3, IR9.7 and IR10.8 channels. Hence, it is based upon data from infrared and water vapor channels from MSG. It is designed and tuned to monitor the evolution of cyclones, in particular rapid cyclogenesis, jet streaks and PV (potential vorticity) anomalies. Due to the incorporation of the water vapor and ozone channels, its usage at high satellite viewing angles is limited.
Natural Color RGB:
This product makes use of three solar channels: VIS 0.6 µm, VIS 0.8 µm and NIR 1.6 µm. In this color scheme vegetation appears greenish because of its large reflectance in the VIS 0.8 µm channel (the green beam) compared to the NIR 1.6 µm (red beam) and VIS 0.6 µm (blue beam) channels. Water clouds with small droplets have large reflectance at all three channels and hence appear whitish, while snow and ice clouds appears cyan because ice strongly absorbs in NIR1.6 (no red). Bare ground appears brown because of the larger reflectance in the NIR 1.6 µm than at VIS 0.6 µm, and the ocean appears black because of the low reflectance in all three channels.
Infrared False Color RGB:
The infrared false-color is achieved by using data from the Ch 09 (10.8 µm) thermal channel.
Clouds Microphysics:
The clouds microphysics RGB is achieved by using data from various channels including, the visible and gives information on could properties. Legends will be added soon!
Fog / Low Stratus RGB:
The fog / low stratus RGB is achieved by using data from various channels, including the visible.
Convective Storm RGB
The convective Storm RGB is achieved by using data from various channels, including the visible.
The images are provided in near real time! However, time delays might be up to 45 min from live (i.e. from time of inquiry) as the reception and processing of the raw data to images requires some time. In case of the surface weather chart overlay products the time delay is greater as the surface charts are only available for download a few hours after the analysis.